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Originally Posted by FelixtheCat View post
That's a good looking hunt there! You got at least one gold and a nice pair of glasses. To top it off you got some fine example of Felixes! Hopefully, the questionable gold will be good too!
Thanks Felix, I think those "Felixes" are migrating through the Key's and up the Gulf coast....time to build a wall
At 2.2g & really sad looking stones, I'm not in a hurry to find out.

Originally Posted by Ice Scratcher View post
I see two golds, might be rhodium plated, white gold, with some of the nickel alloy leached out from electrolysis...


Thanks for the info ICE, makes sense.

Originally Posted by BBsGal View post
You did alright! That ring with stones looks to me to be white gold w/maybe diamonds, congrats on the goodies!
Thanks BB, GL to You.

Originally Posted by Steve View post
Sweet finds. Hope the diamonds are good
Thanks Steve, GL

Originally Posted by GroundSweeper View post
+1 I think Ice is spot on there, congrats!
Ok GS, value your input...Thanks

Originally Posted by mudwhale View post
NICE hunt!
Thanks MW...GL

Originally Posted by Slimpickuns View post
Nice one Dirty, congrats on the gold! I'm with Ice on his assessment,
Can only hope you guys are right till I get it checked out, Thanks!

Originally Posted by itsaring! View post
WAY TO GO! That stone ring does look weird. I do wish Pirates were allowed to flog fake jewelry makers
Ha,Ha....It's an unsolved Mystery for now.....Save the flogging fore the Tungsten,Titanium,and Stainless sellers......buyers too!!

Originally Posted by X-Terra70 View post
Great hunt, congrats on the finds!
Thanks XT70, Hunts are fun, but finds are awesome...GL down under.

Originally Posted by Mud-puppy View post
I like those heavy plain bands! Thats some mighty fine effort/results there Dirty!
Thanks Mud, GL
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