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Originally Posted by RainorShine View post
Good job finding all of those bits and pieces. The silver caps are always a pleasant surprise and usually have some respectable weight to them.
Thank you! Thatís my first silver cap and I have no idea what itís from.
Originally Posted by medicchief View post
1.86 grams of gold is nothing to sneeze at, nice!
Thanks! With gold up itís $62 melt value.
Originally Posted by KOB View post
Nice ! Hopefully you get on a gold streak.
Originally Posted by Almann View post
Congrats on a very nice hunt ! Love that Willie the Hippo token
Thanks! That token was the very first target.
Originally Posted by Princess View post
Nice job uncovering your first gold for the year! Great clad take, too.
Thank you!
Originally Posted by GroundSweeper View post
Nice scoring gold early in the year! Congrats on it and the silver Toad.

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