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And for post-post-script :

Originally Posted by Huckleberry View post
... that will not interfere with the prime purpose to which the houses, buildings and grounds are devoted....
Perhaps this sentence, in your citation of text, is to-your-point ?

Such that, sure, let's be honest: the "prime purpose" of the school grounds is for school kids to play at. NOT for a geek to metal detect on. Have I understood your point here ?

If so, then when it comes to parks of-any-stripe, where we both agree md'ing is a non-issue, then ask yourself : What is the purpose of a soccer field ? FOR SOCCER, not md'ing. What is the purpose of a picnic grounds ? FOR PICNICS, not md'ing. What is the purpose of a swimming beach ? FOR SWIMMING, not md'ing. What is the purpose of a campground ? FOR CAMPING, not md'ing. And so forth.

See ? In fact, I can't think of a single speck of ground, across the entire usa, where any stretch of field was labeled a "metal detecting field" (such that, ONLY THEN can you then metal detect it ). See ?
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