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And post-script: I do not diagree that schools have a different flavor than parks. I'll concede that.

What I mean is : If anyone here is old enough to have gone to grammar school back in the 1970s, then you will no doubt remember when schools did NOT have fences around their playground/fields. And as such, the school yards (swing sets, basketball, baseball, jogging track, monkey bars, etc...) were just the defacto playgrounds, for all us kids. And that was where we went to play our after-school little league games, fly kites, etc...

And I remember, as a kid, that sometimes when we arrived at elementary school in the mornings, we could see where teenage yahoo rednecks had "spun donuts" on the lawn with their vehicles.

But lo & behold, in this litigious age that we live in , that began to change in the mid to late 1970s, as I recall (at least for where I'm at. Might have been earlier or later in other geographic areas, states, etc....). And at first, I thought it was because of the vandalism.

The reasons, as I recall, were mixed. But a big one was lawsuits: A kid falls off the slide, or out of the swings, and the parents sue the school. And sadly, as the American family disintegrates (more and more divorces and single-parent-homes), then custody issues go on-the-rise. So parents show up after school bickering about custody stuff. And yes, perverts who perhaps hang out at schools.

Thus, presto: Fences. And as you can see, NONE OF THIS had a SINGLE THING to do with md'ing, eh ? And not sure about other geographic locales, but where I'm at, all these fenced schools *still* have a propped open gate somewhere along the stretch. And , sure, there might be the *obligatory* sign that says something like "visitors check in at office", etc.... (so that if you fall off the swing sets, you can't sue them). And , still, despite the changes from the 1970s to the present, as I say, I still see people (gasp) who jog the track, shoot hoops, etc...

But sure, perhaps other areas of the USA are "locked up by Ft. Knox". And that someone's truly out there shooing people away, with zero perpetually open-gates, etc..... If so, sure, ask away.
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