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Originally Posted by Tom_in_CA View post
Wow, I guess the local elementary schools in my area aren't beset with : ".... school shootings, abductions, and human trafficking ..." . They're just normal regular schools where kids just ... uh .... go to school.

And as such : They are used by people who go there after hours (or weekends, etc...) to shoot hoops, walk their dogs, play ball, etc..... Does all those actions "need authorization" as well these days ? If so, then shame on those other persons ? I do not consider md'ing to be any-more evil that those other people's activities, who are, likewise, similarly ignored.

But if your schools are locked up like Ft. Knox , and as blighted and dangerous and crawling with lawyers like you imply, such that, sure: NO one ever goes there (lest they be shot & abducted and trafficked ?), then sure : In that case, sure, ask away. But where I'm at, they're just .... doh .... schools .

According to the Revised Statutes of Missouri...

The school board having charge of the schoolhouses, buildings and grounds appurtenant thereto may allow the free use of the houses, buildings and grounds for the free discussion of public questions or subjects of general public interest, for the meeting of organizations of citizens, and for any other civic, social and educational purpose that will not interfere with the prime purpose to which the houses, buildings and grounds are devoted.

Hmmm.... may allow the free use... sure sounds like the state giving the school the authority to allow or disallow as deemed fit...

My original post in this thread was intended to offer my limited permission experience via email to the OP, offering that perhaps the email approach was a viable alternative that I had some success with. My decision to approach this particular permission was based on my understanding of Missouri law, and I apologize that it did not fit your “desk-jockey”, archie, bureaucrat, blah blah blah, no one cared till you asked” narrative. I stand by my decision, and will not be drawn into a flame war, especially with someone with whom I largely agree with. Remember, this is the “Friendly Metal Detecting Forum", and in the interests of keeping it that way, I will not be visiting this particular thread in the future. OP good luck in your endeavors and Happy Hunting.

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