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Originally Posted by jimther View post
You'd probably only be able to track down the dog & owner thru the tag's issuing authority, i.e., veterinary practice, or municipality, and probably only for modern rabies tags (no more than 8-10 years old). I bet records would not be kept longer than that.
I havenít tried for rabies tags, but I recently took the dog licenses that Iíve found to my countyís auditors office (they issue the dog licenses here) hoping for a little luck to learn something about the pets. The tags ranged in age from 1919 up to the 1990ís, and I figured maybe at least the more recent ones might have records. The lady behind the counter was intrigued, but she said they only maintain dog license records for 10 years. It may vary a little for other localities, but I imagine most places are similar - and Iíd also guess rabies tags wouldnít be much different.

I just found a neat cross-shaped rabies tag this past weekend, 1956 from Fort Dodge (Iowa, I assume). How it got lost in a NW Ohio park is anyoneís guess! Iím on the road for work until tomorrow, but Iíll add a pic once I get home

Edit: Added the pic below - but I also did a little research and found out that ďFort DodgeĒ on the tag I found is actually identifying that the rabies vaccination came from the Fort Dodge Serum Company, which was also happened to be based in Fort Dodge, Iowa. So that explains how it ended up in NW isnít really a town name, itís a brand name. Learn something new every day with this hobby!
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