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Originally Posted by MrNovice View post
5-40kHz is a pretty wide band. I think the Etrac goes down to 1.5kHz which from what I understand is what helps it hit that deep silver.

Just for consideration ,.....the Etrac is known for being good on deep silver , but just because it goes down to 1.5KHz does not necessarily mean it is the sole reason for that reputation.....and that also does not necessarily mean the EQ will not do as good or close starting at 5 KHz. That might be similar to a scenario where a detector was credited with finding more gold rings just because it ran at see , an operating frequency " that " high isn't necessarily needed to be good at finding rings , even though it would sure enough be sensitive to them.

I think some may be surprised when they see the difference between 1.5KHz and 5 KHz turns out to not make any noticeable difference in the long run.

Why would the Etrac go down to 1.5 if it wasn't needed ? ....because they can And the operating frequency is only part of the equation , coil quality and the rest of the software under the hood make up a large part of it as well. And some of the Etracs performance reputation could realistically be attributed to the fact that it don't like a fast swing speed , causing the experienced operator to slow down for better performance , and consequently noticing things that might have been missed otherwise.

Of course , time will well as the inevitable head to head comparisons. I'm not saying the low 1.5 KHz has no point at all , only that 5 is close enough that any slight difference might only be noticed in bench tests.

But I'm no expert , this is just my opinion.

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