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Originally Posted by Mikey48 View post
looks like the price has gone way up

Aukey's EP-B80 Bluetooth Ear Buds are now $79.00 on Amazon.
Hmmm...yep, that’s more than I paid on Sept 16 through Amazon. My price was $64 at the time, and the merchant was “Aukey Direct, fulfilled by Amazon” - the same merchant that now has them listed “on sale” for $80, reduced from $120 . Don’t know if I just got lucky with a deeper “sale” price or what, but I’m pretty sure the listing didn’t have $120 shown as the original price when I bought. I know the list price is irrelevant, kinda like MAPs for detectors, but still interesting that it seems to have gone up significantly also.

I assume “Aukey Direct” is the manufacturer’s official distribution, but not certain. I wonder why the drastic price increase

All that said, they really are pretty impressive earbuds. They beat the pants off of the various $30 sets I’ve burned through trying to find a decent set - if I had bought these first, I would have “saved” money even at $80. Still, $80 is pretty steep (and I know many will say $64 was steep, too). Might be worth waiting to see if there’s another “sale” at some point...


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