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Originally Posted by Pete e View post
Sounds a bit of a pain but at least hopefully you won't need to do it very often.

Currently I am using a Taotronices Blue tooth transmitter (Bluetooth 4.1, aptX Low Latency) on my Racer 2 to give me a a wireless function to my August EP650 headphones ...For a budget set up it works very well and has no noticeable lag...

I've been looking for a set of LL earbuds here in the UK, but the only already mentioned are fairly expensive and more than I want to spend for the use I will get...Therefore I think I am going try a Taotronics low latency Bluetooth reciever coupled with a set of wired ear buds (which I already own) and see how I get on...
No pain at all. Was out detecting today and did as I explained just to see how it goes. Went smoothly and only took a couple of minutes.
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