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Originally Posted by NCtoad View post
If I'm understanding you correctly, you're saying the first time you updated it didn't take? Did the update program say it was complete?
Yes I updated it when the new nox update came out. At first I was like sweet it's working but then noticed id's were off quite bad.. it had some emi issues also.. just wasn't stable id wise and made for alot of guess work. But I decided to go back to old version 1.5 I believe. It made it worse so I redid update to the 1.74 and now it's like a completely new detector.. it's like the ones I read about.. I can run 25 sensitivity anywhere so far. And at speed 8 can still easily pick up all of my 8+ inch coin garden coins. Very happy. And now that it's working so well it most likely will take over starting roll ...

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