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Originally Posted by basstrackerman View post
Good morning . I see alot of posts regarding the equinox behavior. For those that have counted out the equinox due to jumpy ID or chatty or whatever this is what I did.... My nox 600 that I started with was amazing.. quiet, great I'd, everything seemed to work like it should and I loved it.. well my 800 had came in so I sold the 600.. well that's when my deus became my daily machine due to some thing I hated about the nox 800.. I assumed it had a bug in software due to me knowing how awesome the 600 I had was.. so I waited..... Then an update came out so I immediately updated and took it out. I noticed pinpoint was almost perfect, modulation was alot better and it was quieter .. but ID's were not the same as dimes were iding as high as 39-40.. and some other things I knew wasn't right.. after continuing to use the Deus a and happy as can be I still was hoping for another update for my nox.... I finally just went back to old version and tested.. horrible and instantly remember why I upgraded to new version lol.. so went and updated again to the new version.. now it's like a completely new detector.. dimes ID is normal now great pinpoint, modulation, all ID's are really great.. but now I can run sensitivity at 25 with no noise!. I've only put 4-5 hours on it but I must say this is the way the nox should be working! No emi at all period.. I found a small shoe buckle a couple inches deeper than my f-pulse pinpointer with a solid id of 32-34.. very impressed with depth... So those that may have id issues or whatever try the update and he sure it went smooth..
If I'm understanding you correctly, you're saying the first time you updated it didn't take? Did the update program say it was complete?

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