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Default Kicked out of the park!

Minding my own business and working on my version of Muds stoop and stab technique in a Hamilton OH city owned park. When low and behold, I hear a high pitched wail. I thought my pinpointer was going on the fritz. I whirl around and to my surprise I see a white pit bull! I'm in shock and thinking pit bulls don't wail and scream they bark and bite.
So I follow the leash to the arm of this screaming woman. She's screaming at me! Why is it always a screaming woman? High pitched and shreiking " You can't do that here!" "NO METAL DETECTING IN HAMILTON CITY PARKS"!
So I'm like calm down and get the rules and regulations that are pre loaded on my phone because technology is wonderful. Hand it to her and shes still screaming "Whats this". I say that is the parks rules. I have all the parks from city county and state all on my phone just for these situations.

She is still screaming... Now screaming about police! I say "You really don't want that do you?" Because I'm not in violation of any law , code or act.
Still screaming
I ask who she is .... Office manager of the parks.
Office manager = no real power.
Now a second woman shows up with a bucket of dead and dying plants... silent. A witness for the prosecution of History Hippy. She says in a monotone "This is turf"
I tell them how much trash I just removed from said "turf".
Silence from the witness. But the muppet attatched to the pitbull will not shut the f@## up. Still going on about police.

I bow out and leave.

She invites me to her office. So me being a tad pissed by being screamed at like a serf that pay tribute and bow down to an "Office Manager "
Away I go to the office. Wait my vehicle to calm my nerves.
Shes behind the glass the receptionist glass with the freaking pitbull. She told me she didnt have time to look it up. I asked about the other parks. She said "No". I laughed and said Ive been doing this for years.
"No city of Hamilton park"
Not even Crawford Woods where the landscaper guy loves me and says come back anytime and get 9mm bullets off of the baseball fields.
Or Hollow Earth where you definitely need a CCW and gloves for all the trash like needles, crack pipes and crazed Mexican cartel members.
So now in subdued anger I say " PROVE IT" gave her my email and she gave me her and her bosses card.
Sorry Tom
There will probably be a rule now.
I am a citizen and tax payer I can use Hamilton city parks.
Just like a crazed screaming banshee pitbull owner with an office manager title in a bureaucrat office.
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