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Originally Posted by JackDetect97 View post
Hey all,
I just wanted to see if there are ways to combat anxiety when seeking permissions. I want to do so much with metal detecting, but I have this irrational fear that every door I knock on will be a hostile person, like my second permisson a few months ago. I've read a couple threads on door knocking and what to say, but my nerves get the better of me. Any advice for a beginner detectorist?
A few observations:

1) try NOT to "knock on doors" in first place (although I realize it's sometimes inevitable ) . Instead, the better way, is to catch them out in the open. Ie.: to "bump into them". Like when they're out sitting on their front porch, or mowing their lawn, etc.... Otherwise, when "knocking on doors", then sure, now you're in their private space, you've interrupted their TV show, and you are going to be lumped into a category door-to-door salesman stigma.

2) Try to have some "names to drop". Eg.: so & so down at the market was assisting me with my history research report, about a stage stop somewhere back in this canyon. And they suggested that you might know something about it", blah blah.

3) Have credentials that you can "drop" : Eg.: Hi, I'm so & so, who works at such & such museum, and I'm doing research for an article, blah blah". Of course, this requires that you do indeed do volunteer docent work at your city or county museum. So join local historical societies, do docent time, etc.... That will give you names to drop, a cool looking name badge on a lanyard, etc...

4) Let them know you're their neighbor. Or that "your neighbor so & so down the street is my brother in law..." blah blah It's human nature to feel kin-ship, and lower your guard, when there's some sort of kinship or connection, vs a total stranger.

5) Some have suggested business cards to hand to the person.

But I have almost entirely gotten out of "door knocking" in my 44-ish years of md'ing. Door knocking, cold-call emails, cold-call phone calls, etc... almost ALWAYS go nowhere. Best to catch them when they're out and about. Know someone who knows them, etc....
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