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Default Cotton field coughs-up a surprise today

and a bucket-lister to boot
ETA: Was NOT a 1st Barber Quarter find for me, I'd ran across one I'd found but forgotten.

I keep telling myself I'm not going back I hunted yesterday for 5-6 hours, for a '71 Memorial. That said, I'd accepted the fact a few Wheats were all these fields had to offer.

Thought I'd do something different today, lol...I had nothing to lose , and since it's common to plant fields in alternating directions certain years, I decided to expand my search area further away from where the houses sat, and in the direction things may have been drug in the farming process.

I'd already ventured a good bit away in previous hunts, but I took it a bit further today, hoping something had maybe stuck to a disc, plow, wheel, whatever.

I think I got lucky

I was probably 2 hours in to todays hunting, when I got a solid pull tab signal. Dug it, and saw what looked to be a token. "Cool", something different...then I looked at it, and saw it was an 1894 S Barber Quarter.

I've dug a Barber Half, and a few Dimes, but never a Quarter....until today, in a field I'd have bet would never have held it. I'm actually perplexed i found it, compared to previous finds, and lack of any other silver, or any Wheats prior to the '40's.

Fluke or not, I'll take it, now if I could only find a Buff Dug a '40 something Wheatie too.

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