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Originally Posted by Skippy SH13 View post
When I was 17, I lived on Yongsan Army Base in Seoul Korea, in on-base housing. Behind our housing complex was a large hill that was filled with trees and a walking path through them. There were NO lights on that hill. On night, walking home from across the base (the whole base was like 2-3 miles long is all), We were cutting down the path, and my buddy and I looked down and saw this pair of cowboy boots with some pants thrown over them. I stopped and was like, "what the..." I looked to my left, and there was some young soldier with a gal. They were huddled together, with her face BURIED in his chest to hide. My buddy and I were like, 'oh. uh... uh... " and just kept walking, about 10 feet later, our brains turned back on and we just started laughing. Loudly, and a lot. By the time we got to the bottom of the hill, about a minute later, we realized we'd missed the opportunity of a lifetime.

We should have grabbed the boots and pants, and RUN like the wind!

so... i think your pink boots are from two kids who figured it out a minute before we did.



Have you ever heard the expression "freezing your nuts off?" Too cold for that kind of sports.
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