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Default Improving Conditions Since Irma Leads to 2 Silvers - HAPPY VETERANS DAY!

I went out early this morning for the only window I thought I’d be able to get a hunt in as there is supposed to be a front coming through today bringing windier weather and rougher surfs with it. Low tide was around 7am for Miami Beach so that was not really ideal for me, but I was interested in getting a hunt in there and seeing if conditions have showed any kind of improvement from Irma as they have been horrendous since. When I arrived, the surf wasn’t as calm as I’d expected but it was workable even though I had to play the “jumping & bobbing game” with some of the bigger surf that rolled in. Within the 1st 30 minutes I got the round ring (James Avery 925) which I was pretty sure would be silver. I headed North and saw a couple of other pirates plying their trade as well. As the tide started coming in, it became more difficult to hunt. There were also large swaths of seaweed near shore that were a PITA to work in. I was able to only hunt for just over 3 hours as it was just getting too difficult to get anything done. Even though the yellow didn’t show, I was happy at the 2 silvers and noting that conditions are vastly improved from last month. Got a few darkies and greenies so things are starting to look normal out there so hopefully that’ll lead to some gold in a future hunt.

Happy Veterans Day to those of you out there that served!
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