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Originally Posted by John-Edmonton View post
And of course.......the craziest find of the day! A pair of ladies high heeled pink boots, out in the middle of nowhere in the woods. There was absolutely no wear on the soles of those boots. Stolen probably, but why did the end up here?
When I was 17, I lived on Yongsan Army Base in Seoul Korea, in on-base housing. Behind our housing complex was a large hill that was filled with trees and a walking path through them. There were NO lights on that hill. On night, walking home from across the base (the whole base was like 2-3 miles long is all), We were cutting down the path, and my buddy and I looked down and saw this pair of cowboy boots with some pants thrown over them. I stopped and was like, "what the..." I looked to my left, and there was some young soldier with a gal. They were huddled together, with her face BURIED in his chest to hide. My buddy and I were like, 'oh. uh... uh... " and just kept walking, about 10 feet later, our brains turned back on and we just started laughing. Loudly, and a lot. By the time we got to the bottom of the hill, about a minute later, we realized we'd missed the opportunity of a lifetime.

We should have grabbed the boots and pants, and RUN like the wind!

so... i think your pink boots are from two kids who figured it out a minute before we did.




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