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Default Keeper ratio kept getting better!

With cold weather and shorter days approaching, I took advantage of nice Sunday weather for a full day of detecting. First stop was a small neighborhood church built in the 1930s where I had a nice chat with the pastor who gave me the go-ahead to search. The grass was fairly free of trash and in two hours I managed to locate a 1943 mercury and a 1937 buff along with over two bucks in clad and a couple of modern arcade tokens. Then after a brunch break I met up with a fellow detectorist and we tried our luck at a rural school building (still in use) built in the 1920s. We didn't bother with the playground but instead hit the front lawn. I dug a weak low-50's signal and pulled out a 1903 V nickel, my first ever. It was so worn flat that at first I thought it was a blank slug, but I'll take it! Unfortunately the coin signals were few and far between and I only dug two more coins in the time we were there, but one of them was another mercury. So, two out of three were keepers! Finally, we headed to an 1850's house owned by a friend, and although we dug some small relics including a pocket knife, I only dug one coin the entire time we were there. But what a nice one, a lightly circulated 1890 IHP with beautiful patina, my oldest coin ever! So I'll call that 100 percent keeper ratio. I'm pretty confident that all three of the day's sites had been hunted before but if I can find one good deep coin that others have missed I'm happy!
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ATPro. Oldest coins: 1894 Barber half, 1890 & 1897 IHP

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