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XiBowhunter 03-25-2020 09:51 PM

Short trip with my daughter
My daughter and I detected in my Grandmotherís front yard today. We only detected a 20ft strip of ground along the length of the house. Came up with several coins ranging from the 50ís to the 80ís. We will be back to try again.

Princess 03-25-2020 11:11 PM

What a fun hunt! I know that detecting with family is pretty special, and doing it at Grandma's house must be especially so! Please tell your daughter "Way to go!" from me. :waytogo:

GroundSweeper 03-26-2020 01:31 AM

Nice work, super getting out with your daughter too! My kids have no desire to go with me ever :crying:

MuddyMo 03-26-2020 02:50 AM

Fun times.

JAK 03-26-2020 09:30 AM

The real treasure was spending time with your daughter...well done!

cellrdwellr 03-26-2020 09:31 AM

Great hunting! How old is her home? Congrats!

XiBowhunter 03-26-2020 11:57 AM


Originally Posted by cellrdwellr (Post 3206469)
Great hunting! How old is her home? Congrats!

Itís fairly modern. Built in the 50ís.

diggin4clad 03-26-2020 04:03 PM

Congrats on time well spent......

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