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RichieSoprano 07-16-2019 08:24 PM

Non Accessory Accessory Sorta
Just looked at my Duluth Trading Co. Catalogue and realized their Firehose Flex Canvas Cargo Pants would hold everything my clip on belt does....without the belt! They also sell a cargo short which has an attachment point for a pouch that seems to be a proprietary design. Even without the pouch there's a LOT of pockets for pinpointer, probe, finds, and room for my pc scabbcard for my modified fiskars trowel(double welded blade and 1 inch pipe w/cpvc t-handle). I can even mount a water bottle to my regular web belt. The firehouse pants we have had are amazingly abrasion resistant. I am looking forward to this new pair eager to use it exclusively for md'ing.

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