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Hermit 01-14-2006 07:18 AM

Clean sweep coils
What do you think of the long narrow clean sweep coils?They seem like a good idea.Can you pinpoint with them?If not,is it harder to find target since they cover more area?Do they go as deep as a 10"round coil?

Cfmct 01-14-2006 09:18 AM

Clean sweep coils
I'm going out on a limb again Hermit ;) I believe I read the long coils you talk about PP on each end instead of in the middle... I don't know whether they are deeper or not because all I own is a stock coil on my detectors and work fine for me.. Those coils look like they cover a lot of ground but also look like they will cause a lot of arm fatigue so I wouldn't get one personally... Just my 2 cents :)

So many gadgets out there hard to keep up lol.. I think its the manufacturers way of keeping us poor ;)

They way I look at it, if you don't research where you detect, learn your machine and have the coil go over the target, it doesn't matter what you buy or hear is the best piece of equipment... Its why I stay basic and I have no problems with depth or trash... Keep it simple.

Hermit 01-14-2006 04:52 PM

Clean sweep coils
Thats for sure!If they can get a penny,they"ll try to get a dime.
On the other hand.If those jokers cover more area and still go deep,I'm
thinking that would be a huge advantage.One good ring find would pay for it.I stay on about 20 miles of very much used tourist beach.Of course
there are some spots hotter than others,but I've found alot of stuff at
several areas that not as many people go.

gcollins 01-16-2006 09:39 PM

clean sweep coil
I will have one in about a week, as soon as I get it I will test it and let you know how it worked.

Brian 01-17-2006 05:37 AM

Clean sweep coils
Cleansweep is just a Tesoro version of the old Bigfoot sold for Whites for many years.
Weight is not a problem, its not like the old days when big meant heavy.
With the Bigfoot (that Whites didn't recommend) I could cover the top of a large beach from end to end instead of being stuck in the first hundred yards.
It paid for itself in a couple of weeks.
Depth is not great on any of this type of coil due to the limited width but its far deeper than you might expect. Pinpointing is easy once you decide how to do it...I use the front tip to creep back up on the target.
Though long you will find you can work in high rubbish and suffer less target masking than with the stock coil.
Rough ground is a bit of a problem with 18 inches stuck in front but its just a case of taking a little more care until you get use to it.

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