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ProPointer 08-23-2009 07:33 PM

ACE Series Stock Coil/Super Sniper Coil Depth Chart
Did a little comparing between the Garrett Ace Stock coil, and the Super Sniper coil. Here are the results. All measurements were made in my backyard with no ground mineralization or any signals. Key: Black is All Metal Mode/Gold is Jewelry/Blue is Coin Mode

Stock Coil:
Dollar Coin:8 Inch. Dollar Coin:7 1/2 Inch. Dollar Coin:6 Inch.
Quarter:7 Inch. Quarters:6 1/2 Inch. Quarters:6 1/2 Inch.
Dime:7 1/2 Inch. Dime:7 Inch. Dime:6 Inch.
Nickel:7 Inch. Nickel:7 1/2 Inch. Nickel:6 1/2 Inch.
Penny:8 Inch. Penny:7 Inch. Penny:6 1/2 Inch.

Sniper Coil:
Dollar Coin:7 1/2-Inch.
Quarters:7-8 Inch. Quarters:7 Inch. Quarters:5 1/2 Inch.
Dime:6 Inch. 5 1/2 Inch. Dime:5 Inch.
Nickel:7 Inch. Nickel:7 Inch. Nickel: 5 Inch
Penny:7 Inch. Penny: 6 Inch. Penny:6 Inch

After seeing my data I was surprised to see that the Sniper Coil almost got just as much depth as the stock coil did. Not only is the sniper coil alot smaller too. Makes it one clear choice for you people who think the 9" x 12" coil is better than the others. Hope ya liked.


Howey01 08-23-2009 07:52 PM

Austin I use the sniper coil most of the time I don't see that much difference in depth either and the target seperation is better. Howard

randwool 08-24-2009 11:56 PM

Good info, but the yellow makes it almost unreadable.

nwohio 08-25-2009 05:54 PM

click, hold and drag over the chart w/ your mouse and you can read the yellow.
Like Howard, I never saw a big drop off in depth either, just a whole lot longer to shoot an area and I also got better seperation. Plus the pin pointing is dead on with the sniper.
Thanks for putting on paper what I suspected.

Janster 08-26-2009 09:36 PM

..seems to me, and I do have a 250, that I will stick with the stock coil as it does cover more area quickly. There is ALWAYS a trade off, just my take on the coil usage!..... Jan

ohiochris 08-27-2009 12:07 PM

I go over larger areas with the stock coil first and that will make going over it with the sniper coil a lot faster. Once I switch over to the sniper coil I find a LOT that I missed with the stock coil. I just wish they made a 6 or 7 inch concentric coil for them. I like my ace 250 but I am NOT a fan of the stock 6.5x9 coil. It covers a lot of ground at once but target masking is a big problem for it. I also get a lot of false signals with it but next to none with the sniper coil.

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