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nwohio 06-23-2022 12:30 PM

Should I ditch the etrac at the beach?
Been a while since I last posted, but retired and living in Myrtle Beach. I do so miss the dirt.
Really not feeling the love with the etrac and the beach. Dry is no issues, but wet?? Really ticking me off the past 2 years. I just can't find settings I can live with.
Seems to get it to quiet down I give up way too much sensitivity and pin pointing is next to impossible in the wet no matter the setting..

So, short of getting a beach hunter type, (which I use to have but I broke it) is their a better machine that isn't basically downgrading or duplicating the etrac's performance?

Is their that much of a difference between a nox and the etrac at the beach (water proofing aside)?

Of course if someone has some settings they want to share that would be good too. Thanks

metaladdict 06-23-2022 03:57 PM

They say the e trac is great in saltwater.
I use only my Nox in saltwater, I have never even held an E trac.

Detector 06-23-2022 07:23 PM

I've heard the Equinox is a pretty good beach detector. I've never really heard the E-Trac on the beach. My guess is the E-Trac isn't all that great at the beach. Just going by what I've read. I've never had the pleasure to hunt a beach yet.

I do have an E-Trac and by far the best and deepest dirt detector, in hard packed ground, for cherry picking I've owened.

Laxsaltman 06-23-2022 09:34 PM

I use an Etrac out here on the west coast. Does just fine in both the wet and dry.

Dflan83 06-25-2022 08:29 AM

The e trac should be able to handle salt just fine. Is it optimal definitely not. Could be an expensive dunk in the water. I have a CTX for land and an equinox 600 for the water which has found enough gold to pay for itself even though I only go to the beach once or twice a year. The beach your on is prime territory and you should have no trouble finding great stuff.

Get a decent scoop and a machine you can get wet. Just my 2c

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