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L0S3R 06-22-2018 12:09 PM

Cleaning brass without ruining patina?
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Ok people, I had recently dug a cub scout neckercheif slide I would like to clean. A little soap and water got the bulk of dirt off but canít get it all. Still trying to get more history on it (anyone know?) the most Iíve found is itís from somewereetween 1982 (tiger cub scouts formation) up to 2015 ( tiger cub retired and just became tiger scouts with a design change)

My point though is itís solid brass when new ones arenít. I want to keep the aged patina look while cleaning it. My son is a Cub Scout and is like to preserve it for him 1 day to have.

Some of the dirt wonít come off with a toothpick, so I was thinking some kind of soak. I donít wanna change the color though like Iíve heard olive oil will do.

waltr 06-23-2018 09:54 AM

Soap and water soak then soft brush.

That is about all that I found that works without changing patina or causing color changes.
Don't use oil.

Always test a method on something worthless.

Can't help on dating.

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