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RichieSoprano 01-08-2020 07:54 AM

First find in 2020
Well it wasn't the white whale Canadian penny I've been looking for.....but it was Canadian! A 1953 12 sided nickel. Came in change foroma purchase so I figured what the heck, let me Google it. As all of you know I am an absolute failure with pics...and I know all of that if it ain't pictured it didn't happen, turns out that it is what is called a Non-Fold Shoulder version with flared lettering on the obverse and "Far" Maple leaves(away from the edges of the coin). While there is another version that is worth MAJOR bucks, this one, despite some slight missing chrome, is worth about 950 USD. I'd still call that pretty great! I am guessing I'll get half that at a dealer, but that's more than enough to give God his cut, take the wife to dinner someplace the placemats don't come with crayons...and STILL finance a new recurve bow, arrows, and a few accessories. Don't know about you but 2020 is starting out lookin pretty good!

RichieSoprano 01-11-2020 12:38 PM

Well, another bubble burst...65 cents at top end valhe. But, it WAS fun!

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