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oldkoot 01-14-2022 06:21 PM

problem with pairing headphones to pin pointer
I purchased a Simplex Plus for my grandson, it came with the standard 11 inch coil and also got the free 9.5 x 5 inch coil with it, also purchased the pulse dive 2in1 set (the yellow set) we have been trying to pair the land pin pointer with the green wireless headphones that came with the Simplex Plus to the pulse dive pin pointer, which we were able to accomplish the pairing, we did this after we charged everything to full charge

here is the problem- once the pin pointer was paired with the green headphones there is no volume coming through the head phones you can barely here it beep through the head phones, it is like there is a mute feature on but there is no mention of a mute feature anywhere other than the Simplex itself and it is not muted at all, is there a volume control some where that I am not seeing to make the beeps louder coming through the headphones I even turned the detector on and checked the volume setting in the detector setting it is at full volume I have been through the manual front to back several times for the pulse dive ,headphones and Simplex Plus and it does not state anything about a volume for the yellow pulse dive pin pointer or the headphones also no mention of a mute between pin pointer and headphones once the two are paired, again the pin pointer did pair with the green Nokta/Macro headphones but the beeps you hear through the green headphones is vary,vary faint can someone please give me a direction to look and figure this out,as I am very confused at this point as I have tried everything I can think of

Thanks for reading

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