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Dirt Diggers
We are Diggin' It With Friends at our annual event and discovering lifetime friendships. We're also discovering hundreds of miles in Missouri, Kansas and Oklahoma. Hunting for silver & gold. Join us!
63 55 368 26
07:37 PM
For users of the great F70 and now the Patriot..F75 owners can do all ours can do plus more so they can join too if they want....
35 144 879 66
09:59 AM
FMDF groups by State
This group is for fellow metal detectorists in the N.E. Kansas region of the state. Always searching for the next hot spot to search! Lets all get together and do some detecting.
110 1,625 10,415 1,377
07:31 PM
Whether you own a Tesoro (or 6) or considering purchasing one, step on in.
4 10 25 0
06:40 PM
Just a basic group for AT-Max users to share info and help newcomers who may be looking, or have recently purchased one.
5 1 2 0
04:00 PM
A group of metal detecting Buddies.
7 13 60 0
06:53 PM
Dirt Diggers
We are a Metal Detecting ghost town hunting group. If in our area of Wichita Falls, TX or South Oklahoma join this group and let's plan hunts and more.
9 3 3 0
04:56 PM
FMDF groups by State
Anyone who swings a detector in California is welcome!
142 49 159 45
06:00 PM
FMDF groups by State
Looking for diggers in the NC/SC area!
49 5 22 2
10:50 PM
Thought the forum needed a group for users of ALL whites detectors to call home. Whether you swing a XVenture or a top of the line V3i all are welcome. If anyone has any input or questions on a whites detector feel free to post.
74 50 166 22
05:36 PM
FMDF groups by State
Welcome to Detecting Florida. This is a friendly social group made for detectorists in Florida, to share their MD'ing experiences with others, and just plain talk about the hobby. We hunt beaches, parks, you name it. Do you live in Florida? Join this group today, we promise you won't regret it.
81 16 74 3
02:56 PM
FMDF groups by State
For the purpose of communication and sharing of information and finds in the Buckeye State!
130 50 350 11
10:22 AM
Share your MXT tips, tricks, photos & experiences.
85 15 81 7
08:50 PM
FMDF groups by State
Open to those of us that live here or will be hunting here.
59 21 59 0
03:33 PM
FMDF groups by State
Well I've been looking around at some MA groups and seems like no one participates very often. If you live in Massachusetts and metal detect, please join! Share finds, stories, photos, etc. Happy hunting!
14 2 14 1
04:22 PM
A group to discuss Fisher 1200 series detectors, both land and water.
12 6 25 5
03:22 PM
Do you have a Tesoro? Let's share tips.
167 48 186 2
03:17 PM
International Groups
A group for those of us on the trail of treasure in the Land of the Rising Sun!
85 203 1,573 120
09:47 AM
FMDF groups by State
A friendly group for those interested in getting together and detecting Chester County and surrounding areas.
69 18 37 2
05:36 PM
FMDF groups by State
Group for anyone that lives in Maryland. We can discuss spots and upcoming events.
92 28 136 2
05:04 PM
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