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A place for us Washingtonians to share and chat about finds. To meet up, Metal Detect and maybe trade a pull tab or two.
110 18 136 2
12:47 PM
Discovering the people and the history of Kansas, one find at a time! The FMDF Kansas Hunters social group has been started so that all group members can have a place to communicate, plan and organize hunt's and get togethers with each other without dominating or disrupting the forum. Kansas Hunters are a very active and friendly group of detectorist from in and around the state. We would love to have your input as well as take advantage of this opportunity to invite you to become a member of our social group and we want you to feel welcome to attend any of the planned hunts. FMDF Kansas Hunters are always more than happy to meet new people and make new friends. But most of all we just like to hunt.
181 171 1,063 42
07:44 PM
A group for all North Carolina detectorists to discuss detecting and build friendships.
110 16 125 5
11:50 AM
35 9 32 18
01:27 PM
Looking for some people in Idaho wanting to go metal detecting.
49 16 130 0
10:53 AM
This group is for fellow metal detectorists in the N.E. Kansas region of the state. Always searching for the next hot spot to search! Lets all get together and do some detecting.
119 1,709 10,824 1,436
07:56 AM
For the purpose of communication and sharing of information and finds in the Buckeye State!
139 50 361 11
11:06 AM
All South Carolina detectorists are invited to join this group. Also please check out our Facebook page @
81 24 69 0
11:15 PM
A friendly group for those interested in getting together and detecting Chester County and surrounding areas.
72 20 41 2
05:04 PM
A place for virginians to share ideas and stories
96 29 76 18
04:33 PM
Any and all Oregonians...lets group together and see what we can do about sharing ideas, general locations, or even hookin' up for some MD cheer...:)
36 7 25 14
12:29 AM
Anyone interested in metal detecting Southeast Michigan please join in so we can get a group hunt going. I am interested in trying some run down Detroit parks. Some neighborhoods are rough so a group is much safer!
9 1 2 1
09:41 PM
This group is for all of the Michigan Metal Detectorists to gather together to share knowledge. Let's talk about this great hobby in Great Lakes State!
114 30 196 10
09:37 PM
Welcome to Detecting Florida. This is a friendly social group made for detectorists in Florida, to share their MD'ing experiences with others, and just plain talk about the hobby. We hunt beaches, parks, you name it. Do you live in Florida? Join this group today, we promise you won't regret it.
86 16 79 3
03:51 AM
A place where people in Upstate New York can discus metal detecting, programs, places to hunt, get together,etc.
31 6 9 0
09:12 PM
If you live in the state of Kentucky and would like to meet others in your area who enjoy this wonderful hobby as you do this is the rite place for you!
54 19 44 52
01:24 AM
Join This Group If you live in IL and own a metal detector.
113 13 88 20
08:32 PM
Anyone who swings a detector in California is welcome!
152 51 163 45
07:22 PM
Members interested in group for the state of Indiana
28 4 18 6
07:02 AM
For all you metal detecting folks in bayou state. We're stronger in numbers.
76 25 89 2
08:57 AM
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