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04-09-2017 08:59 AM
Well...I changed it up a bit...
Since I moved back here to Bama I have been trying any way I can to find the good stuff while still...
04-09-2017 08:33 PM
by Darktower007
04-07-2017 07:47 PM
F70 Depth question
What's the deepest you have dug a dime at? Reason I ask is I can barely get a signal from 6 inches....
04-08-2017 07:02 AM
04-06-2017 02:35 PM
A hunt to show what I am up against..with the big DD coil
Darktower, a little vid about using the big new coil you just got. This is to show what I do, or...
04-07-2017 12:32 PM
by Darktower007
04-05-2017 10:37 PM
New Coil!
Finally pulled the trigger on the DD coil! I hope it helps with depth separation a little....
04-06-2017 09:53 AM
by Darktower007
04-04-2017 08:49 PM
Explorations into the F70
I learned something today! Lol After reading the Manual again and studying At mode I didn't even...
04-06-2017 09:31 AM
by Darktower007
04-05-2017 10:46 PM
Been digging ALOT more tabs
Since the gold question thread, I started digging almost all solid tab signals. Some were high some...
04-05-2017 10:46 PM
04-05-2017 09:54 AM
Some good information from Dave Johnson... This is a pdf download file...
04-05-2017 10:26 AM
by Darktower007
04-02-2017 10:37 PM
What numbers do gold rings ring in at?
I'm trying to figure this out. I can't really find much in the net. In y'alls expericnce what...
04-04-2017 08:41 PM
by Darktower007
04-02-2017 05:30 PM
First Button!
I'm in Virginia this week and an old post office down the road looked promising. I'll post a vid...
04-03-2017 03:20 AM
04-02-2017 06:26 PM
Darktower...this is what you are headed for....
...if you are not careful. If you just like to swing different detectors that's one thing...if...
04-02-2017 09:51 PM

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