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FMDF groups by State
All metal detectorist in the great state of Alabama..Post your name and location in the state of Alabama.
84 17 116 37
08:31 PM
FMDF groups by State
This group is for fellow metal detectorists in the N.E. Kansas region of the state. Always searching for the next hot spot to search! Lets all get together and do some detecting.
116 1,696 10,792 1,425
10:22 PM
Dirt Diggers
A friendly group for those interested in getting together and detecting NEPA.
14 10 23 0
10:07 PM
This group is to allow Minelab Equinox users to share tips, settings, and experiences related to getting the most -- performance-wise -- out of the Equinox.
29 8 24 7
10:44 PM
FMDF groups by State
Metal Detectors of Northern NJ. If we seek we will find!
35 11 55 3
11:44 PM
FMDF groups by State
11 3 5 0
11:40 PM
FMDF groups by State
Welcome to Detecting Florida. This is a friendly social group made for detectorists in Florida, to share their MD'ing experiences with others, and just plain talk about the hobby. We hunt beaches, parks, you name it. Do you live in Florida? Join this group today, we promise you won't regret it.
84 16 77 3
11:36 PM
FMDF groups by State
Looking for some people in Idaho wanting to go metal detecting.
49 16 129 0
08:12 PM
FMDF groups by State
For those of us who live along the Gulf Coast, mainly Louisana, Mississippi, and Alabama.
31 7 27 3
08:26 PM
FMDF groups by State
A group for all North Carolina detectorists to discuss detecting and build friendships.
105 15 117 5
07:25 PM
Dirt Diggers
If you are a teenager or below that enjoys dirtfishin'......This is the group for you.
5 1 2 8
03:26 PM
Do you have a Tesoro? Let's share tips.
171 52 195 2
12:40 PM
Dirt Diggers
This group is for the enjoyment of coin shooters, collectors, and all coin addicts! A great place for coin identification, pricing, and research for any type of coinage. This is an extremely useful reference spot for every coin enthusious. Share your thoughts. All are welcome to join and start a discussion!
109 28 106 31
11:55 AM
Specialized Groups
If you're interested in the hobby of magnet fishing, feel free to join us! :D
16 4 16 1
11:26 PM
Just a basic group for AT-Max users to share info and help newcomers who may be looking, or have recently purchased one.
20 8 23 1
05:16 PM
FMDF groups by State
Metal detecting enthusiasts interested in planning and participating in group get togethers in Northern Virginia.
28 3 8 3
04:52 PM
Dirt Diggers
We are a group of people who enjoy metal detecting in the Wichita area. We have meetings the first Sunday of every month. We are an informal group that has a lot of fun. Facebook: Wheat State Treasure Hunters
45 69 125 23
02:46 PM
FMDF groups by State
A place for us Washingtonians to share and chat about finds. To meet up, Metal Detect and maybe trade a pull tab or two.
107 18 115 2
09:17 PM
FMDF groups by State
Let's get a list of hunters in NJ. Tell us what town you're in.
26 12 18 0
06:46 AM
International Groups
A group for those of us on the trail of treasure in the Land of the Rising Sun!
91 210 1,587 46
03:03 AM
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